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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Engagement Story

Since it's Wedding Wednesday, I thought I would share our engagement story!

Our engagement story isn't dramatic or thematic, but it's special to me! I have to say I wasn't super surprised because we'd talked about it for so long leading up to it. March 22, 2015 was our 3 year dating anniversary. To celebrate I wanted to go to dinner and a movie (we rarely do that) the night before, which was March 21st, and a Saturday. Cinderella had just come out and I was so excited to see it! We decided to try out a new restaurant in downtown Columbia, called Bourbon. It has a New Orleans flare to its cuisine and their meals are farm to table. I had steak topped with their creole pimento cheese with smashed potatoes and roasted black eye peas and cauliflower. It was yummy! Will had fish on a bed of grits and brussel sprouts. Surprisingly he ate the whole thing!

The restaurant is a small bar as well, obviously with a name like Bourbon, so we had to wait nearly 2 hours for a table to ourselves. While we waited we walked a block to the SC State House. We sat on a bench and watched families walking around the grounds, and talked about Will's work day and what I had done all day.

We walked back to the restaurant and waited some more. Finally, our table was ready, we ate and enjoyed the atmosphere. After we ate, a USC doctoral student was conducting a survey and so we took the survey and talked with him for a few minutes. His survey was focusing on how the menus were worded and the type of foods on the menu. I felt sorry for him, so we talked with him for a bit.

After we were done, Will asked if I felt like walking a bit. I said sure because I had just downed the best Banana Pudding with a bourbon caramelized topping I've ever had and felt my hips could use the walk! :) We walked about 8 blocks down Gervais street. We got down to the Vista and he said, "I don't think my plan is going to work." Apparently, he thought there was a horse and carriage ride that ran on Friday and Saturday nights, but it was already 10pm so they may have been done for the evening. Anyways, I said ok.. well do you want to walk back to the State House. So we did.

We sat on a bench on the left side, under a light and a Palmetto tree and he said some sweet gestures, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said YES! Like I said, it wasn't flashy or public, but it was simple and sweet. We called a few friends and family while we were still sitting there, but it was super late, so we did most of our calling around Sunday. Finally, Sunday afternoon I put it on Facebook and we finally went and saw Cinderella.

I love our engagement story and that it happened on the State House grounds because that is one landmark that won't be going anywhere! I will be able to show my children where it happened, we can visit anytime we like and for this Carolina girl it couldn't have been more perfect!

Dinner at Bourbon before our Engagement
My favorite picture of us... first date to the Palmetto Club