Vintage Pecan

Friday, April 10, 2015

5 on Friday: Wedding Theme Inspirations

Linking up for 5 on Friday with April over at A. Liz Adventures! I thought I'd share a few images that have inspired our wedding theme of: Vintage Elegance

One: I have this pet peeve I guess you could say, that I hate to look at wedding pictures and know what decade people got married in based on their dress, flowers, hair, etc. I know there will always be some element of time that will be captured in our pictures, but I want them to have a classic timeless look to them. Think Grace Kelly and Jackie O.

Two: An older gentleman in our church owns 2 old cars. One happens to be a 1928. I have to say it has been a lot of the inspiration for our day. He is going to take us from the church to the reception venue and then home, hopefully if we can get it all worked out! I love this car, but I love this gentleman. I see him nearly every Sunday and we have worked several weddings together. He was so excited to hear I was engaged!

Three: Birds. Obviously, T-Birds is playing a huge role in our day and we want to carry that theme out. We're going to incorporate birds in many different ways during the reception. I absolutely love the blog boarder with the 2 sweet little birds. Ironically, Will's father's name is Robin, and so is my mothers. Lots of little birdies will be found all around our reception. Oh.. and this happens to be my dream cake!
Four: Mercury glass! I absolutely have become obsessed with how it looks. I have a display of it on my mantle. It's classic and traditional yet modern. I know there will be some small votive candles in mercury glass containers, but there may be some flowers in mercury glass vases too!

Five: Blush Pink & Bows. I mean, it wouldn't be my wedding without pink and BOWS!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are hopefully going to visit our venue of choice Saturday to see it set up for a wedding! Other than that we have no grand plans for the weekend, except probably trimming down that ever growing guest list....