Vintage Pecan

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You...

It's Wedding Wednesday and I don't have much for you! There has been a lot of planning going on this week and I'm slowly starting to see my ideas and visions come to life! We have notified all of our wedding party, and there will be an eventual post about those special people in the near future! We have also trimmed the guest list and have it mostly solidified. My goal is to have completed the "business" side of planning by late August so that we have the fall to fully enjoy our engagement and all the activities and happenings that will occur.

I did want to share this on the blog today. As of yesterday we have been engaged for a month! It went by so fast!! We had a floral consult yesterday downtown, so I went to Will's place afterwards to hang out with him since he normally is making the 25min commute to and from my house late at night. By the time I got home he had posted the sweetest post on Facebook and I wanted to share it and remember it. I'm so incredibly thankful for this man and his unconditional love for me. I can't wait to be his wife in 332 days! :)