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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


In my previous post, I mentioned that we are in the process of possibly buying a house. While not enough details are finalized for me to elaborate any more than that, it doesn't stop me from sharing a few inspirations for decorating our new home! I took a housing class in high school and college, so needless to say I've been waiting a long time to "nest." (I've decided that term doesn't have to just be used when you are expecting, because I'm definitely NOT!) I was lucky enough to be able to purchase my first home at the age of 22 and I started planning furniture placement, paint color and decor long before closing! Somethings don't change. I'm pretty much already there with this go round! Luckily, I have a fiance who trusts me to make interior design decisions and who puts up with me showing him my Pinterest board with all my ideas!

When I bought my house the last time I couldn't wait to put color on the walls. When I purchased it the walls were very vanilla, literally it looked like vanilla ice cream color on the walls. I purchased furniture with taupe color fabric and side tables that were dark cherry for the living room. My bed is also dark cherry, and at the time I was obsessed with a blue and brown color palette. I have the Vera Bradley Java Blue pattern bed skirt, message board and lamp shade. I had those items in my college apartment senior year and wanted to incorporate a very girly design into my master bedroom. It was perfect for a young single girl, but I am ready to "graduate" to an inviting couples retreat! My kitchen is currently the color of a firetruck. I couldn't wait to paint my kitchen a bold color! I LOVE red in a kitchen and it looks best at Christmas. I also collect antique kitchen utensils with red handles and display them on  my kitchen hutch. My guest room is a pastel yellow, called "yellow ribbon." It was actually the same color my nursery was when I was a baby. I paired pink and green with it and it is the cutest girly room ever!

Obviously, the last time I planned paint colors and decor I was obsessed with color! It's true, I'm a color person, not much in my wardrobe is bland! However, this time, I've decided to tone it down a bit. When we were looking at houses on the  market I saw one that had grey walls throughout the home. It looked good in every room, was relaxing and created a sleek modern look throughout. It was then that we both decided that we wanted that same look in whichever home we purchased. With the same color on the walls in every room we can add color in our decor and accessories! I contacted the Realtor for that listing and asked her for the shade and make of the paint. It was Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey.
I found this fabric when I was browsing looking for fabric to recover some chairs. I instantly knew that I had to have it! I mean, it has birds on! I found it at a local fabric store and I'm hopefully going to look at it/purchase it Friday! I want to make three euro sized pillow covers for our master bed. I think it will compliment our neutral bedspread nicely and add some pattern/texture.

For the wedding mom found some champagne colored birdcages at Ross. After the wedding I want to hang them from the ceiling in the master bed room. I will probably add some battery operated candles to them to add some light and decoration. The picture below is similar to the ones I have in color, but are more ornate than mine. But mine do have the hooks, which is what made me think to hang them in our bedroom after the wedding!

Above the bed I want to put a cut out of our married monogram. I ordered one a few weeks ago from (Ps. if you don't know about that daily deal site, acquaint yourself!) I got this monogram cut out for $7.99 plus shipping. What a steal!!! I haven't decided what color I'm going to paint it yet and if I'm going to mount it on something else or hang it with a ribbon. My intention is to use it somewhere at the reception as a decoration, but then eventually put it above our bed.
So basically, the master bedroom will be a mix of greys, browns, and metallics. Will doesn't think it's too feminine and I think it's very inviting and even a little romantic! I'm excited to see it all come together eventually.

Whenever we do purchase our home and start to move in, paint is the top priority! That will refresh the space and make it feel like ours. Of course, I will blog about it along the way and if I decide to take on any DIY projects that I've pinned I'll share those too! I intend to use my current bedding/decorations in our guest bed room. I can't quite let go of the blue and brown palette just yet. The walls will be grey, but I think that will make the blue and brown pop instead of blending with a light blue wall. The third bedroom will have my current guest bedroom furniture in it, including a desk. I will probably set up my sewing machine there and get to leave it out instead of having to put it up and off of my kitchen table. I'm so excited to have more than 1040 square feet to live in! We can each have a place to escape to and do our own thing! Again, more updates on the house we purchase when more is finalized, but I can't wait to share with you our new nest and the transformation to making it ours!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where did October go?

Hello! Sorry I've been MIA for the month but we have been busy busy busy! I'll go ahead and warn you this post is a photo dump! I thought I'd take the opportunity on this chilly, rainy, 1st of November night to fill you in on life with the TBirds! We have had a crazy October! It has been fun, but constantly on the go! To help keep our schedules straight we finally synced the calendars on our phones! Y'all this is HUGE!! *insert Donald Trump Voice* We have been together for 3.5 years and we are just now doing this?!? It has been an amazing development in our relationship, and would have saved us from so many spats in the past! If you haven't done this I encourage you to!!

Anyways, the first weekend in October we were each supposed to head in opposite directions: Will to Florence to celebrate his moms birthday & me to Rock Hill to my sorority alumni reunion weekend! Well, that didn't happen! As I'm sure you are aware the thousand year flood occurred that weekend and we each decided it wasn't a good idea to travel. Instead we watched Netflix & football, caught up on our shows and ate Waffle House! Everything was shut down, including schools (for the entire week) and the bank was closed Monday. We were stir crazy by Monday evening but we enjoyed a few "unplanned" days off and enjoyed spending the unexpected time together! Should we have been working on something towards the wedding? Probably. Did we? Absolutely not, unless you count pinning more decor ideas on my wedding Pinterest board! Joking aside, the flood damage to our city and state was devastating! My heart breaks for the people that were severely impacted by the damage! It will take awhile for everything to recover, but we will because we are #SCstrong!
This is a picture of the Old Mill on Main St in Lexington, about 2 miles from my house! 

The next weekend we attended the wedding of Will's former co-worker! It was in town and we enjoyed the great food and fun at the reception, even though it was rainy and still icky from the flood! Do I have a single picture from this event? Nope. #bloggerfail

The week after the flood the sun was finally out and the SC State Fair started on Wednesday the 14th. I was able to take my grandmother and spend the day with her walking around the fair looking at the exhibits and eating delicious, but not in my diet, fried food! Will met us for lunch, so we got our fair fill in within the first 5 hours the fair was open! Sometimes not working full time has its benefits! I wouldn't have been able to take gram and make that memory! 
We were 2 of the first 1,000 people into 2015 state fair! 
Will eating his annual donut bacon cheeseburger. Also, not on the wedding diet! 

The next weekend we didn't have any concrete plans, but we spent the majority of the weekend watching football and just being together! The weather was beautiful for a change and so we just got some stuff done around the house! The day before, the invitation for my first shower came in the mail! That was super exciting, and made it all start to seem real! We also had our first pre-marital counseling session, which went well. We have had 2 sessions so far, and we enjoy recognizing why we know we work so well together. 

Last weekend was super busy! Will's 33rd birthday was Saturday the 24th! It was a low key celebration! My parents grilled filets and we watched the Clemson game that night! During the day we went house hunting!! This wasn't the first time we had been, but we had added some more to the list to look at. More to come on this as it develops, but we hope to buy soon & have Will moved in by December! I will move my stuff little by little, then move most of my stuff the week of the wedding and spend my first night there on our wedding night! Prayers are appreciated as this is a big decision with a lot of hoops to jump through! Adulting at its finest! 
The Devils food cake with marshmallow buttercream frosting that I made for him! It wasn't pretty, but it tasted good and he was excited about the Star Wars theme!
This is the 3rd birthday we've celebrated together! I look forward to sharing many more!

Wednesday we were supposed to have our church's trunk or treat, but due to rain it was moved to Thursday night! Shocker! We reprised our roles as Danny & Sandy! We have intentions to ride this 2TBirds thing out as long as we can! There were over 4,000 people who attended! We went through 14 BIG bags of candy just at our trunk! 

Friday night we attended a costume party in my parents neighborhood! Glad we got 2 more wears out of our costumes this year! My parents went as a zombie bride and groom! Either that are really into this wedding stuff, or we are slowly killing them with it! :)
That is moms wedding dress that she has on! Who knew 41years ago that it would one day be a Halloween costume!

This weekend, on Halloween, we attended the wedding of one of Will's high school friends! The reception was a masquerade ball which was neat! Here is the only pic we have because again, I fail at taking pics at events! 

The weekends have definitely been busy, but I've also been staying busy subbing! I've also applied for like a hundred more jobs! This is my current thoughts on that...
Might as well laugh as to cry about the situation!

November is looking just as busy as October! This weekend I'm headed to Augusta to pick up my dress and have the first fitting!!! So I'll be busting it at the gym this week and eating lettuce and jello! Not really, just lean meats and proteins for the next few months! The candy got me last week! Then the next weekend we have our engagement pictures, finally, and my first shower! All super exciting!! I can't WAIT for our pictures and to see my ideas for the shoot become real! Just pray that Saturday the 14th is a beautiful sunny fall day in SC! Thanksgiving will soon follow and then Christmas! Time is flying by!! 

Have a lovely week and welcome November!