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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mountain Spring Break & Engagment Celebration

We got engaged on Saturday, March 21st, announced the engagement at church and everywhere else on Sunday, March 22 and then took off first thing Monday morning for an already planned "spring break trip" to the Mountains of Tennessee. We celebrated our two-year anniversary in the mountains as well. This trip we planned with his parents, of course not knowing exactly when we would get engaged, it just happened to all work out.

It was great to have a week to spend together in a cozy cabin celebrating our recent engagement!
Bearly Heaven
We enjoyed a magnificent view, went horseback riding, went to DollyWood, Will & his dad went Zip-lining, while me and his mom went outlet shopping. We all went to Dixie Stampede and ate a TON of food! It was a great week and a relaxing celebratory vacation!
Do these mountains make my ring look big?
This was after many roller-coaster rides...

Horse back riding is NOT my thing!
Will had the biggest horse in the group!
Us and Will's Parents
Obligatory souvenir photo