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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Current 411

I was catching up on my blog reading and Laura Beth over at Georgia Glam posted a creative way to share what's currently happening in her life without writing a boring spiel of internal thoughts and no pictures. SO, Here's What's Currently Happening...

Planning- We're planning so many things right now. Home projects we want to tackle, a possible 30th bday trip to NYC, Memorial Day weekend plans, etc. etc. The Morganizer is ALWAYS planning something! 

Reading - Well, I'm not much of a reader in general. But lately I've been actually clicking on the links I've saved on Pinterest and reading about how to organize/do stuff around the house. As well as reading new recipes. Does that count?
Buying - We are still working on buying items from our registry that we didn't receive as gifts. We have also made multiple trips to home improvement stores to buy items that we randomly realize we need for our home. Our biggest purchase lately is a new washer and dryer! They are made by Samsung and the dryer has a steam feature. Let's be real, we all know the dryer is my iron. They are being delivered today, and I couldn't be more excited to do laundry! However, have you priced the detergent pods? I need to take out a small loan to be able to purchase those on a regular basis! But they are so easy to use and GAIN smells so darn good! 
Praying - Praying over just a little bit of everything. Praying a permanent job comes up soon. Really wanting it to be something I love with a semi-flexible schedule. Praying everything at my old house holds out for my renter and I have no unexpected expenses with that. Praying for friends who are suffering, hurting, or are sick. There are so many with much bigger problems than I face on a daily basis, that need an abundance of prayer. 

Listening - Really loving a few new songs that have come out recently. I'm not normally a Rascal Flatts fan, but I love their new single, "I Like The Sound of That." Also, Carrie Underwood's Storyteller album came out in the fall, but I was really just SO busy that I didn't get to listen to it. So I've been jamming to that so I can learn all the words before we go see her in September when she comes to Columbia!! SO excited! We are double dating with my parents to the concert to celebrate my moms birthday! This is going to be their first time experiencing her live, Will's second and my third! I can't wait! I'm already outfit planning! 
Watching - HGTV every. night. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my husband actually turns it on to HGTV. We are fans of Flip or Flop, Property Brothers and of course Fixer Upper. When I get a hot minute to indulge in TV for myself I catch up on Teen Mom 2. Last weekend we got hooked onto OJ vs. The People series that was on FX. We finished the majority of it in about 48hrs. We have the last 2 episodes left. If you haven't watched it, it's definitely worth your time. The acting is great and it's interesting to see it all played out considering I was 9 when it actually happened. 
Devouring - A few new recipes  this week. Tuesday night I made a ham, broccoli and cheese quiche and served it with fruit (strawberries and mandarin oranges for Will, pear salad for me!) Wednesday night I made salisbury steak with fresh corn and green beans. Tonight we are having crock pot fajitas I found on Pinterest. Keeping my fingers crossed that they turn out delicious! 
Loving -  Succulents! OMG! I'm obsessed! We used real ones as table decor for the rehearsal dinner. So afterwards I had nearly 60 to find something to do with! Several of our guests took a few, but I still had about 15 or so to plant! I founds so cute little containers and a link with instructions on Pinterest. Saturday night I planted them and they are such happy little plants around my house. Precious! Also, new obsession: Pineapples. Everywhere. On Everything. 
Hating - That I still haven't unpacked near as much stuff as I'd planned on. It's so daunting to look in our garage at all the boxes. I really want to get it done soon so we can go back to parking in the garage. Our neighborhood is having a garage sale April 30, but we have a wedding that day, and we have an out of town wedding this weekend, so I don't think we are going to be able to get our shit junk (literally) together to participate. 
Wanting, Hoping, Wishing - Wanting: to redo our master shower. I hate it. We are eventually going to tear out the shower stall, tile 2 walls and install a glass door and wall. Hoping: We can start our other home improvement projects- finishing a hallway in our garage to the house and making a dropzone and completing the dining room and powder room makeovers. Wishing: we had unlimited funds and a $$ tree in the backyard.
Feeling - Grateful. Since I still don't have a full time job, and the school year is coming to a close, I'm really grateful that my long term sub job was extended through the end of the year. When you put your trust in Him, He provides. 
Anticipating - Directing one of my honorary bridesmaids wedding next weekend! They got engaged about a month after us and are now getting married about a month after us! They also rescued us on our wedding night from getting soaking wet and making it home! Which is a really long story for another day. Anyways, I'm excited to attend a wedding with my forever wedding date. Lucky for us we have two in a row! :)

Well glad that you are caught up on our little TBird life! 
Stay Lovely!