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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Dates & Details

Happy Wednesday! I love creating posts for Wednesday because I know when they post live that we've made it half way through the week and we are on our way to the weekend. Last week's post was created the previous week and I didn't blog at all last week. While I do reveal a lot of personal life on this "lifestyle blog," I try not to blog about the "bad" in life. But let's be real, life happens and not everything is sunshine, roses, unicorns and glitter. Last Thursday was one of those days. I won't go into much detail, but after my organization went through a reorganization, my (new) responsibilities turned out not to be a "good fit" for me and I was let go. I wasn't shocked, I didn't even cry. Like the last job I had that ended very similarly, after the initial shock had worn off, I realized I was actually relieved. I am using this unexpected time to improve myself! I've been in the gym nearly everyday, I'm taking my time to research and figure out what I want to career wise, I've been cooking healthy dinners every night and I'm enjoying the flexibility to be able to accomplish tasks towards the wedding. I have been approved to substitute teach in our district, so in the immediate future, that is where I will be. In all that happens in life, as a Christian, I see God. He is in total control, he has a plan, and I can't be worried about bills, health insurance, my next job, etc. because He's got it! If I fully rely on Him, I am confident that all will be OK. Again, I try not to be Debbie downer on the blog, but I felt like I needed to update this life change, so that when I look back I will have proof of seeing how God has worked in my life.

Moving on to more exciting news! I nailed down the dates with my photographer for our engagement pictures (November) and my bridal portraits (January)! We are meeting this week to check out a location for the engagement pictures & I am SO excited for my vision to become reality! I have to say this will not be a typical engagement shoot, and I'm so glad my photographer is on board with my crazy ideas!

Last week I was also able to accomplish ordering our invitations. I used Exclusively They have great products and great customer service. They will send you up to 5 free samples of invites for you to touch and see before you order. They also will email you a proof of your invite before printing. I am very excited about the invite we chose. It's simple with a little bit of vintage flair to coincide with our theme. I searched high and low for invitations that were beautiful, yet reasonably priced. These were the best bang for the buck! When I receive them, I will update on their quality and my satisfaction. Coincidence that their logo has two birds on it? I think not... #meanttobe

We also went to a local printer to discuss programs. I am very excited about what they are going to look like. Basically, Morgan, on paper! I will work on the copy in the next couple of weeks and send to them to make a proof. Let's just say, it's not your typical wedding ceremony program!

Another detail I am working on accomplishing is what we are using for our send-off. Again, like everything else, I'm not revealing it just yet! Hopefully I will be able to find and buy the supplies and start DIYing them soon! Suddenly March seems so soon!

As you may/may not remember from a couple of posts ago, we were in Asheville a couple weekends ago for a wedding that Will was in. We decided to take the plunge into AirBnB and try it out! We had THE BEST experience! This is a great alternative to a hotel, especially if you aren't going to be spending much time in the room! We were in and out at odd times because of participating in wedding festivities, and it was so perfect! We enjoyed our stay and our hosts were great! I highly recommend it! Here is a picture from the photo booth at the wedding! The Fowler wedding was beautiful and so much fun! All of the decor was a reflection of Caroline and her talents. I truly hope our attendees have as much fun and feel as welcomed at our wedding as we did at theirs!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Since I have the time, I'm going to spend time with my MOH! Excited for a mid-week get-away! Looking forward to the weekend and singing in our churches' 122 voice choir celebrating the founding of our church 122 years ago! Also, Will's grandmother may come to visit! We have a lot to be excited about and even more to be grateful for! We are just already discovering the "in good times and bad" part of the vows! :)