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Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Monday! Except, it doesn't feel like Monday because it's Labor Day and my fiance is laying on my sofa ignoring the Hoda and Kathie Lee on my TV! :) We have a few plans for later today that include the lake if the sun will make an appearance, & some steaks on the grill! Yum! Sending Summer off in style!

Since my last post I have applied for 2.5 million jobs, it feels like, so lets hope there are some leads with those this week, and I have been through substitute training and I'm officially on the list to sub! I'm excited and a bit nervous to be back in a classroom!

On Friday, mom and I went to "visit" my wedding dress in Augusta! I wanted to go because I wanted to look at my veil again, and a few other details of my dress. I also wanted to go because I knew I had lost a few pounds since May, and I wanted to see how my dress fit. In May, I bought my dress "off the rack" because it was the size they would have ordered for me anyways. It fit like a glove, minus needing to be altered in the bust. So they didn't use any clips to hold it/fit it when I was there in May. Well, Friday I put that dress on and it wouldn't stay up!! They had to use 2 clips to hold it on and there was about an inch or so in the clip!! What a great feeling to know that busting my rear in the gym is paying off!! Back at it tomorrow! :)

This weekend was also the start of college football season! Well, technically Thursday night was the start when USC played UNC. We had some friends over to watch the game, they brought some wings, I fixed meatballs and my favorite buffalo chicken cheese dip. I also made some cookie bars! All were a hit! See below for the recipes!

Breaking News!! Our invitations came!! IT JUST GOT REAL!!! They look so good and I'm SO pleased with Exclusively Weddings!! I highly recommend this website as a great alternative to expensive invitation shops, etc. I hated to not shop local, but local didn't fit in my budget. I just had a hard time justifying spending a lot on something that is eventually going to be thrown in the trash, unfortunately. This website had SUCH a great deal on the perfect invitation to fit with our theme, for a great price!! Unlike several other online invitation sites, they include envelopes, and only charge a minimal fee for the envelope to be printed with the return address! Again, if you are in the market for invites check them out! I promise, this post was not sponsored!

Finally, I've been looking on Etsy and various other sites for a garter, and my goodness they are expensive. So I have decided to DIY!! I bought all the pieces to make it, so I think I'll work on it today! If they turn out, I'll post a picture and how-to instructions!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day! After today I will be pulling out my fall decor! My favorite!