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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Tidbits

Hello! I realize that I have taken nearly a month to update again. Life has been, well, crazy to say the least! For not being full time employed I sure have kept busy!! I refuse to waste this time that I was unexpectedly given! 

Employment Update: 
Really enjoying substitute teaching! My first full week was last week and I was in elementary, middle, our tech center and highschool! I definitely got a feel for which age/grades I like best and surprisingly that was middle school! This week I have only subbed 3 days and those were in highschool! I really like the flexible schedule, being back in a classroom and being around children/teens! I mean I only knew there was a Snapchat update last Thursday because I was in middle school! 😉
I am still looking for full time employment and have put in what feels like 50,000 applications/résumés to various places! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a certain position and hope to hear back before the end of the week or at least the first part of next week!
Since I've had "free time" I've spent a good bit of it in the gym! It's really paying off! I lost about 15lbs, and around 4in in my waist! Skirts and pants are starting to get too big and I'm slowly getting into clothes I haven't worn in quite a while! I don't like to brag on myself, but sometimes you have to toot your own horn!! 
Another thing I've started back doing recently was church choir! I had taken about a 2 year hiatus due to grad school and then I wasn't a fan of the worship style my church changed too. However, it has gone back to a more blended style of worship music and so I decided to get involved again. It has been a blessing to go to practice on Wednesday nights and worship through singing, and it's been fun to lead worship on Sunday mornings! I missed practice last night, as I've had a sinus/cold/cough thing going on since Sunday, but I'm looking forward to being back next week! I also joined a ladies ensemble to further my vocal ability! It's probably out of my league, but I'll do my best to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Wedding Update: 
The invitations came and I absolutely love them!! I think I said that in my last post! Now comes the hard part of assembling and addressing them! I plan to start working on that next week! If I do 10-15 at a time it won't be too overwhelming! I have until the end of January to get them completed! 
I have a laundry list of wedding to-dos! I need to buy ribbon, I need to assemble favors, I need to order Will's tie and the ring bearers's bow ties, I need to check on groomsmans' ties & socks, flower girl dresses need to be ordered, honorary gifts, organize center pieces, have dress fitted, take engagement pictures, take bridal portraits, have a bachelorette weekend and a few showers, and the list goes on and on of those nitty gritty details that you don't think about until something else makes you think of them!! I know it will all workout and be beautiful so I'm not too worried, just need to prioritize those details!!

Upcoming Festivities:
We are looking forward to a busy fall! We have two weddings to attend in October, one is on Halloween with a masquerade reception! How fun! We also hope to participate in our church's trunk or treat again as Danny and Sandy from Grease! Of course we will be watching football most Saturday's and taking in the occasional Friday night lights with high school football! Will's family reunion is coming up as well as his 33rd Birthday!! Lots of activities and busy weekend ahead! Looking forward to all fall has to offer besides, pumpkin spice lattes! 

I apologize for mylast few posts not being very visual! Not much in my life is picture worthy at this point! I have made some pretty decent dinners that were worth snapping a pic, but I'm always too hungry to think about anything other than diving in! If I think about it in my next post I'll list the recipes I made and the links to where I found them! 

Stay Beautiful!