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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vendor Reveal #2!

A few weeks months ago I posted about the first 3 vendors I confirmed, besides the venue, here. Well, I've finally made the deposit on the final vendor so I can reveal a few more!

I am most excited about 2 things: Videography & CAKE!

I randomly picked up a business card when we registered at Belk for Bonnie Brunt Cakes. I went on her website and immediately loved her work! We went and visited her farm about an hour away, in Calhoun County! Boy, was it ever worth the drive! Bonnie is the most precious lady you will ever meet, and couldn't be more Southern than sweet tea! She welcomed us into the bottom her home, which she has converted to a DHEC certified bakery! She greeted us with hugs and the aroma of sugar! My parents and grandmother tagged along with Will and me for the tasting. Needless to say, we had cake for lunch! She bakes cupcakes and gives you her various flavors of icing to match. My favorite part was when she referred to each cake flavor like it was a person, ie. "This is red velvet, he likes buttercream but his favorite partner is the cream cheese icing. This is vanilla pound cake and she loves all of the icings." I kid you not, the cutest thing ever! So once we had tried all the flavors and paired them with all their icings, we decided on.... oh wait. I'm not telling you! You'll have to wait and see after the wedding! :) Before we dove into the sweets, she spent 20 minutes sitting next to me on my iPad and browsed through my entire secret wedding board on Pinterest to get a feel for what I was looking for. While we tasted, she sketched. When she returned I teared up at what she presented me! I got more emotional about the cake design than I did my dress! #foodie or #fat@$$ I absolutely can not wait to see the design brought to life and finally eat our delicious cake!

As an event/wedding planner, I've come to recognize that the most important part of the whole day is to capture it. While I love my photographer and know she will capture many great images, there is something to be said about having the day recorded. Will and I have older grandparents and parents that unfortunately our future children may never know. I myself never really knew my grandfathers as I was too young to remember before they passed. A priority for us was to have the day recorded not only for our memory, but to share with our future children and their children etc. who their grandparents and great grandparents were. Our videographer is Bill Grant, owner of Cinema Couture. How ironic that his first name is William and his last name is Grant?!? Crazy! His work is fantastic and he does a great job of blending the ceremony with the reception. I truly wish my parents had a video of their ceremony, and I am so grateful that we will be able to have ours for years to come. He is also going to be recording our rehearsal dinner where I know some sweet words will be spoken and memories made. The weekend is going to be a whirlwind and although the price is steep, I don't doubt we will look back and be so thankful we spent it on preserving memories!

I apologize that this post has no photos. However, I did provide links to both vendors websites. Bonnie has a Facebook page that is filled with pictures and Bill uses Vimeo. Visit their sites, you won't be disappointed! Again, these vendors did not ask me to promote them, but I can tell you I've picked the best of the best! I'm excited to work with all of them as we get closer to the wedding and to have them be a part of our day!