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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vendor Reveal

Wedding Wednesday again and as I mentioned in my last couple of posts, things were moving and shaking in the planning & I can finally reveal a few of the vendors that we have selected**, put down our deposit, and locked in! Just a note to say that one of the main reasons I chose the vendors that I did is because they are all local to Lexington or the Columbia area. I believe it is so important to support local business owners in order to support the local economy. The benefit to me is, they are all within a 20 minute distance from either my work or my house, so if I need to meet with them it's very convenient! Shop Local.

First we confirmed the DJ, Troy Fite. I have actually worked with Troy before when I was directing a reception a few years ago. Will attended that with me and we knew by the end of that night that Troy would HAVE to be our DJ. We had one consultation to seal the deal and we are set! I'm so excited to work with him on our own big day! I know he will be entertaining but NOT the entertainment! We've already started working on what songs we want played for the important dances, and I'm gathering a few other important songs to add to the list. Music is so important to me, and I know that will be reflected through what he plays. Most importantly, Troy is going to make it SO.MUCH.FUN!!

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Second we confirmed the Florist, Lexington Florist. My first consultation with them was on Good Friday, and I was a walk-in. No appointment, and she spent over an hour with me sifting through my Pinterest board trying to figure out what I needed. My mom wasn't with me and flowers are her thing so I felt like a lost sheep! She figured up all that we needed and I walked out the door with a quote! They come highly recommended by many of my friends and several of my mothers friends. I have gone back for a second consult, once I narrowed down a bit better what I needed and my mom helped. I honestly have to say, this has been the only part in the wedding planning where I felt overwhelmed. All flowers are pretty, but I have a feeling we won't be disappointed with the way they arrange them and display them!

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Finally, I'm excited to announce that I've chosen my photographer!! Jessica Roberts Photography I AM SO thrilled that our styles and visions mesh well and I can't wait to work with her! First of all she is the sweetest person and I can already tell that she will do whatever to capture my day perfectly. Second, she is new to the Columbia area, so I'm glad that I am one of her first clients in her new city! Since I have some prior knowledge of the wedding industry in Columbia I am introducing her to a few vendors and I think we will both gain from our experience of working together.
Ultimately, I chose Jessica not only because she is local but because of her personal statement on her site. "For me, I need to photograph things that have meaning. I need to photograph things that have emotion to truly enjoy what I’m doing. This is why you see 90% of my website pointing towards weddings and births! Those two events, the day you become a wife and the day you become a mom, those are the most important days of your life. No others compare." When I read that, I teared up and realized that was what I was looking for in a photographer. I'm so grateful to start this friendship that I hope will continue as my family continues to grow. :) Ok, now just stop for a moment and admire this shot... light, airy, romantic and southern. DONE.

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Now, I have to say, I broke my "Shop Local" rule when I purchased my dress a few weekends ago. Yes, you read that right, I said Yes to the dress!! Columbia has a very limited selection of bridal boutiques and we had heard good things about a couple in Augusta, GA. I spent the Saturday before Mother's Day with my mom, both grandmothers and my dad as the chauffeur, visiting 3 bridal shops. One in Aiken, and the other 2 in Augusta. I tried on about 20 dresses, and the 3rd one at the 3rd store was the perfect one. So I guess the 3rd time really is the charm! That 3rd store was Elegant Bridals and Ms. Traci was my consultant. I had THE BEST experience and so did my family! No picture with this vendor because my dress is TOP SECRET, but I highly recommend Elegant Bridals!! There will be an entire post dedicated to my dress and shopping experience post-wedding!

PS. You might have noticed that snazzy new logo to the right! I'm excited that I am listed as a Southern Bride Blogger on Let me just say that site is bridal crack! New Life Goal: to be featured as a real wedding on their site or in their magazine. This southern girl couldn't ask for anything more!

More vendor reveals to come, but I wanted to share what was completed so far and brag about my choices. **As a disclaimer, none of these vendors asked me to give them a review or advertise their business. I simply wanted to express my excitement and share my wonderful experience in selecting them to be a part of our day!**