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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Tie the Knot Tech

Happy Wednesday!! Half way to the weekend! Is it just me or in the summer (if you work) do you live from weekend to weekend and just sort of go through the motions during the week? I feel like I've been doing that since early May! Everybody else is out at the pool or on vacation at the beach and I'm over here working the days away... at least its in the cool air conditioning! Lawd have mercy it's been HOT! Columbia is "Famously Hot" but geeze it's been over 100 for the past 11 days!

Speaking of work, we were upgraded this week from Office 10 to Office 13. I was working on a spreadsheet with the new version of Excel and before you open a new workbook it gives you template options... The ones I have starred are the ones that I found to be useful for wedding planning.
These are great tech tools to use to make organizing your guest list, wedding budget and honeymoon planning easy and efficient! I call this "Tie the Knot Tech!"

First is the Wedding Invite Tracker! Here you can enter in your wedding details, it even has a built in countdown, and then it's a pre-set wedding guest roster. You enter your guests' names, address etc. and then it has a place for you to mark that you sent them an invite and then a place to add their RSVP response. You can even customize the colors and fonts to match your wedding!
Once you have entered in your guest info, it tabulates the totals for you! So no more counting and re-counting! THEN it does the coolest thing... it tabulates the RSVPs on a separate spreadsheet.
This is a super helpful too! Plus you could send it to your caterer etc. If you don't have Office 13 you might could poke around on Office 10 and try to find it. I did email it to myself and opened it on Will's computer with Office 10 and it worked just fine so it is at least compatible even if it was built in Office 13.

The next tech tool is the wedding budget spreadsheet. If you are anything like me, creating a budget from scratch is an overwhelming task! Excel has already done the grunt work, you just simply fill it in with your numbers. It comes pre-set, but as you change the numbers it makes the corrections. Again, you can customize this with your wedding colors, but I thought the little clip art icons were super cute! This also includes a wedding day countdown & the pie chart is useful too!

Finally, I found a workbook that helps you keep track of honeymoon planning! You might have to share this with your fiance, since they are suppose to be on top of that part! :) This workbook gives you multiple tabs for all the details of your trip! Once it's completed you could send it to your parents, etc. so they have all your trip details in one space!
Here is a breakdown of one of the pages.... I didn't play around with customization of this workbook, but I'm sure you could. I thought it was adorable just like it is! Very simple and easy to use!

If you can't already tell I love love love having a wedding countdown! I have one on my phone through an app called It's Almost Time. It keeps up with it down to the Milli-second! On days I don't log into my blog or use these wedding tools I can just click on the app and it will tell me how many days until our BIG DAY!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in our house! We visited Will's parents in Florence, weekend before last and we attended a couples shower for one of his groomsman who is getting married in August! While we were there I came down with an awful summer cold so I was pretty much down for the count last week. I did however find some energy to go to a bridal expo that our venue, The Palmetto Club, hosted. A couple of my vendors were there so it was great to see them again, I met someone who might do our invites, and I found some amazing table cloth overlays to rent! Mom took this picture of us, but you can see the ballroom of our venue in the background (I LOVE the wallpaper!) and a little bit of the table overlays at the bottom of the picture. And yes, I did wear a shirt with 2 birds on purpose! Also, LOOK at those amazing Peonies!

More exciting news that isn't exactly wedding related is that Will got a promotion to the branch manager of the Well's Fargo branch on Main St. in Columbia! We are both so excited for this opportunity and milestone in his career. I'm super proud of him and all that he has accomplished!

This was pretty much me when I found out he got it....