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Friday, June 5, 2015

5 on Friday: What I'm Loving Lately!

Linking up with April over at A.Liz Adventures again for 5 on Friday! Can I get an Amen that it's FINALLY Friday! This has been a long week. Possibly because it got started off on the wrong foot. Will's mom's hip displaced again (for the like 5th time since October), so she has spent since Sunday in the hospital and finally had surgery Wednesday night. Will has had some late nights, I've been hosting his grandmother over night, and it's stormed every day! But sunny skies ahead for the weekend! I mean that literally and figuratively. She should be discharged today, we have a cake tasting Saturday and we plan to squeeze in a little pool and R&R on Sunday afternoon!

I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving lately...

One: aka Bridal Crack
As you may have noticed I now have a Southern Bride Blogger logo on the blog now. I love that they interact with their readers by giving those of us who have blogs a space to be seen. I also enjoy reading other brides blogs on the site. Southern Weddings is an amazing resource for great ideas to incorporate some "southernisms" in the big day! Love love love this site.

Two: My *new* little button for my blog!
Also over to the right you may have noticed my new button! One of my friends made the button for my other blog, but I figured out how to make my own this time! Oh, the power of Google! 
Three: My Keen Sandals
I bought a pair about a year ago when I was going to Disney. I wanted a shoe that would be cool, comfortable, light weight and could get wet! These are the best! I will say they aren't the most fashion forward shoe, but I'll take function over fashion any day. Especially when it comes to comfort! Over the fall/winter I'd forgotten about these treasures in my closet and when we went to the lake last weekend I broke them out! My parents both have a pair too, so we were "Peachy-Keen!" Well except for the boat is still broken. :/
Four: Wedding Planning
I really am enjoying the wedding planning process! I'm loving getting things checked off the "to-do" list! I'm hoping to check "cake" off that list after tomorrow! The worst part of the planning is the guest list. It's SO hard. I want everybody I've ever known to be there for our big day, but that's obviously not possible because we don't have it like that. My main goal for the day is for my guests to feel as special as we do for being a part of the day.

Five: All the beautiful flowers in bloom
Mom and I walked around the block a few nights ago, and I guess because of all the rain we've had lately, the hydrangeas are showing out! They are one of my favorite flowers, however, I love them best when they are on a bush not in a bouquet. I love how their color depends on the soil they are in. Some are light blue, others are deep purple. There are so many varieties too. The lace cap is my favorite. My black stem hydrangeas in the backyard should start blooming this week!

T.G.I.F- I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!