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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back in Business!

Helloooo blogger friends! I promise I'm still alive, it just took 5 months and 15 minutes to figure out how to manage my blog from my updated gmail account! But now I'm back up and running and I THINK ready to move forward! I'd really like to get this blog as popular as my previous blog was! I had so many followers and then I dropped off the map, so I don't blame them for moving on! However, I hope to gain some new blogging followers & friends.

I guess I'll do a brief life update:
If you follow me on Facebook, none of this is new news. Sorry!
Hi, I'm Morgan. I'm a newlywed and a substitute teacher. Still. :)

We have managed to finish some updates around the house! My dining room is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to share all the details about the process! But here is a preview picture!

We had a busy busy summer! Looking back it was a blur! I kept two precious girls a few days a week, and we enjoyed mornings at the library and afternoons poolside. Of course we made multiple trips to Pelican's for refreshing snow cones!

In July, we spent the week of the 4th at the beach. Well, I did. Will had to return to work after the holiday. My grandmothers joined us, and it was quite a week to remember. We went ahead and celebrated my birthday while we were all together. We ate a yummy meal at Sea Captain's House, our favorite grand strand restaurant! We always take our picture outside by the rocks, it's tradition.

We officially celebrated my 30th Birthday in New York City! It was a spectacular long weekend in the city that never sleeps! We went to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, they did not disappoint with their summer show. We saw the broadway show "Get On Your Feet!" about Gloria Estefan. I might have sang the whole show! It was FANTASTIC! Another highlight of the trip was actually turning 30 at 30 Rockefeller Center. The top of the rock has a breathtaking view. We went during the day and again at night. I definitely feel that I ushered in 30 with fanfare! I'm actually excited to be 30 and I know this decade will be memorable! 
Top of the Rock

Staten Island Ferry ride to see Lady Liberty

Carrie Bradsaw's Stoop

Beautiful NYC
On Your Feet! 

Times Square

Turning 30 @ 30 Rock
We returned from New York, and the next day we picked up our girls that we hosted for Distinguished Young Women! I absolutely LOVE this week of the summer! We enjoyed having two of the girls stay at our house, and being "parents" for the week! We were elated when one of our girls was chosen to be the SC Distinguished Young Women! SO proud! We had and especially great year this year as our DYW of 2016, was chosen as America's DYW! Tara is a fantastic role model and I'm lucky to say she is a friend! 
Host family & real family with SC DYW, Jessica! 

Me & Tara, America's DYW 2016
Once July was over, we got to work on updating the dining room and 1/2 bath. We completed that by the end of August, and I will share more about that process in a later post! September I was back in full swing of substituting. This year I have been in high school again the majority of the time, I LOVE high schoolers! I am currently in another long term position at my favorite school, so I'm very happy with where I am right now. The flexibility and opportunities it's provided are great! 

At the end of September we celebrated my moms birthday by attending the Carrie Underwood concert! She was amazing, as always. I sang every word to every song. I left with no voice. Ooops. 

A few weeks ago, we finally got around to doing some yard work and refreshing our curb appeal! Goodbye to the pine straw! Hello mulch & baby bushes! 

We made our annual trek to the SC State fair and ate our fair share (pun intended) of goodies! Will got his yearly KK Donut burger, and I branched out and got a Steak Sundae! It was beyond amazing!! Fries, topped with nacho cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and steak. I added ketchup! I also got my chocolate covered banana, and Will and I split a elephant ear. It was a Sunday Funday to remember. We waddled home.

This past weekend we celebrated Will's birthday in Myrtle Beach. Since his beach time got cut short this summer, we decided to come back in the fall. It was a beautiful weekend. We spent lots of time eating and relaxing! I'm not much of a seafood eater, but I expanded my palate this weekend and tried lobster, crab cake and shrimp. All of it was delicious! We spent some time in Pawley's Island and in Calabash, NC. A great weekend of celebrating and seeing our coast. We are so fortunate to live 3 hours from the sea and to have a condo to retreat to! 

I think I am successfully caught up with immediate life updates from the past few months! I plan on doing multiple wedding posts, a honeymoon post and of course house update posts. If nobody reads this than that's ok too, I mainly blog to have a record of events for myself and our little family. The T-Birds are happy little Larks and hitting our stride in married life! 

Until next time friends!