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Monday, December 28, 2015

Late 2015 Recap

Goodness Gracious! We are in the final days of 2015, and I haven't even blogged the last 2 months which has been jam packed with exciting happenings!! I think I'll start with Christmas and work backward...

Our 2015 Christmas Card! 
Christmas didn't feel much like Christmas this year because it was HOT. Everyday has been at least 65 degrees or more, and mostly in the mid-70s! It is IMPOSSIBLE to look cute and "Christmasey" when it's too warm to even put on a scarf! It also didn't feel much like Christmas because I chose not to put up a tree or even many decorations. The stockings were hung and there was a wreath on the door but that was about it! A perfectly good excuse was because we have too much going on and this week, I'm attempting to get back into Wedding Planning mode and therefore did not want to worry with taking down decorations!
We had a very blessed Christmas spending it with family and receiving some wonderful gifts. Will got me a new laptop, which was much needed! Watch out blog world.. I'm set now, if I can figure it all out! Will's big gift was a tool set from my parents, which he can't wait to piddle around with! We also got a set of our fine China which brings the count to 8 place settings! We are super excited!! We also got a few other things from our registry including our NINJA blender! Bring on smoothies!

Many nights in December were filled with attending holiday events, and I subbed nearly everyday! The month FLEW by!! Let's rewind back to the very end of November/beginning of December when....

WILL BOUGHT A HOUSE!! We are excited about our new little nest!
We have some painting to do, and some updating to take care of! We found a great deal on appliances and they should be installed in the next couple of weeks! We bought and were gifted some furniture this past weekend and we got a few house items for Christmas! I'm excited to share all our house updates as they happen!! Stay tuned in 2016 for the makeover!

In Mid-November I had my first (ever!) bridal shower! It was so much fun and I LOVED the fall theme! Here are a few pics from that event! 
The Winn ladies threw me the shower! Sweet family friends!
Bridesmaids/Honoraries in attendance!
The same weekend as our shower, we had our engagement pictures taken! We LOVE our photographer and I highly recommend her! Check out her website if you are in need of a wedding/baby/family photographer! She does amazing work! I would post our engagement pictures, however, Jessica wrote such a beautiful post and included some of the best of our pictures on her blog, so check it out here! And here is just a teaser picture...

USC Campus Horseshoe Engagement Session_0070.jpg

2015 has been quite the year with lots of "ups" and a few "downs," but it will be a year I'll always remember! We are looking forward to all that 2016 has in store... it's sure to be sweet!